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Digital photography opens up a world of possibilities for enhancing and transforming images. Sometimes this manipulation is successful and something beautiful or fascinating emerges from a previously mundane picture. However it's also very easy to go too far and produce something grotesque! Whilst I may not always succeed I do try to remain faithful to the subject matter and ensure that any changes I make improve the image rather than detract from it.

Here are some examples of what can be done - click on the thumbnails to see more detail.

New York's fire escapes have been photographed millions of times so it's really challenging to come up with something original. The original image here on the left is angled and banal but I couldn't get a clear straight on view. In the electronic studio I changed the perspective and enhanced the colours which produced this pleasing but slightly odd looking shot. To me it looks like a drawing and there's something not quite right about the angles which is difficult to define...

Although I liked this scene and the way your eye is drawn up the street towards the Sacre Couer, I wasn't happy with the colours, visible characters and clutter further up the lane. Converting to grainy black and white and leaving just the lone pedestrian for me created a much more atmospheric image with just a touch of mystery...

New York City collage composed of shots I've taken over the years


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